Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Moving.....

I recently decided to change the address of my blog.  Annoying, I know.  And I'm sorry.  The good news is, I imported everything to the new blog, which you can find here:  The bad news is, in the process, I will lose all my followers.  I am thankful for each of my loyal followers (and the lurkers too) and it's my hope that you will trek on over to the new space and follow me there!  If you have been so kind to add my link on your blog, please replace it with the new one!  Thanks so much!!

Why the change?
I didn't realize how many Live-Laugh-Love type blogs there were out there.  I wanted something a little more unique, and a blog title that matched the url.  I knew it would keep bugging me until I made the change, and thought better sooner than later.

Why "the cellar door stories?"
My hubby actually came up with it.  JRR Tolkien once said that the phrase "cellar door" was one of the most beautifully sounding phrases in the English language.  It was just random enough for my liking, and will be able to encompass pretty much anything I want to blog about!

Hope to see you there! 

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